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Name: Jared Karney
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Apr 04

Window Functions! RANK(), DENSE_RANK(), ROW_NUMBER(), NTILE(n)

Microsoft introduced ranking functions (also known as window functions) in SQL Server 2005. What are window functions exactly? First, they are awesome. Second, they are functions that can be applied to a group of rows as specified by the window descriptor (I. Ben-Gan, 2011). Itzik Ben-Gan has a great series on how to use these …

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Jan 18

Generating Consecutive Numbers Within a Given Range

A couple of months ago I was working on a project where we were revamping an existing system.  One piece of the system was a call to a stored procedure that generated a number in sequence and assigned it to a user that was accessing the application. It was very similar to taking a number …

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Jan 10

Capturing Data Modifications – The OUTPUT Clause

There are several reasons you may want to capture data that has been inserted, updated, deleted, or merged (2008). The OUTPUT clause that SQL Server provides is extremely helpful for these situations. I have been tasked on several occasions to “merge” data from a staging table to a production table. Whether or not it is …

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Dec 21

Assuming order of data without ORDER BY

Why are my results out of order? Many times I have seen posts in forums asking about why their data is not being returned in the order of the clustered index. Similar questions have been brought up questioning the order of data from a view when the view includes an ORDER BY clause (which it …

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Dec 19

Windows Requires Restart: Keeps failing on install of SQL Server 2008 even after restart

For my first content related blog post I wanted to start with something simple and something that is encountered upon installation of SQL Server. I encountered this problem a number of times on desktop machines where a number of peripherals may already be installed. The issue is that when SQL Server is going through its …

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Dec 16

Welome to SQL Know-It-All!

Welcome to SQL Know-It-All! The goal of my blog is to provide information to both beginners and advanced users of SQL Server. Although it will mostly cover information regarding SQL Server and its applications (Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and most importantly Database Engine), it will also periodically contain information regarding other applications or …

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